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Alexander Technique Omaha

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Philosophy and Approach

The Alexander Technique has value only if it makes your life better. Volumes have been written about the effects of the Technique and how it can be used, but the actual "work" is simple and easy to learn. The AT Omaha approach is to present the Technique in a practical and uncomplicated manner, with a clear focus on how you can use it immediately to make the changes you want.

From his studies with Ms. Barstow, John learned the value of presenting the work in group format, using a responsive approach that addresses the specific needs of the students rather than simply replicating traditional methodology. Exploring the Technique through the use of group classes and workshops offers students opportunities to observe others and receive feedback from peers. This process--learning to observe movement while gaining knowledge about one's own patterns and habits--is an extremely effective approach to the Technique.

By incorporating his professional clinical experience and studies of anatomy, neuroscience, and human physiology, John illustrates the classes with clear and accurate examples and explanations. The result is a teaching style that is flexible and changes to meet the learning needs of individual students.

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