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Alexander Technique Omaha

7602 Pacific Street
Suite 301
Omaha, NE 68114

402 393 3077
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To schedule a comprehensive movement assessment or for information on John's clinic, Ronin West Physical Therapy, call 402-393-3077 or check our website at: www.theworkoutinc.com

For information about the Alexander Technique -

An article about AT and musicians from the Omaha World Herald Newspaper:

The Postural Restoration Institute has certified John in its approach to addressing muscular and neurological imbalances that cause movement problems. Learn more about this approach at

Audio interviews with John done with Robert Rickover are available at
www.bodylearningcast.com. Listen to the MP3 interviews with John about:

In keeping with AT Omaha's interest in the natural world and our place in it we suggest the following websites purely for their interesting content:

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